Internship II (ECE232)


Course Description

Internship II develops and expands on the knowledge and skills learned in Internship I.  In addition to spending a minimum of 150 hours at an approved internship site, students will complete their educational philosophy statement, engage in program planning including assessment and demonstrate a deep understanding of NAEYC standards. Students are also required to participate in a weekly seminar. 3 Credits 
Prerequisite: ECE 104 with a Grade of “C” or higher , ECE105, ECE106, and ECE107 (ECE107 requires a grade of C or higher), and ECE110, ECE 231, Eligibility for ENG 111 
ECE Core Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 

Course Section Description

This is a 15 week online course with no set meeting times. Students will need their UCB email account to gain access to the course (via Brightspace Class access starts on the first day of the session. Students need a laptop or computer beginning on Day 1 of the course.