Speech Communication ESOL (COM111L)


Course Description

Designed for students who speak English as a Second or Other Language, this course will teach students the basic principles of speech communication. They will listen to, deliver, discuss and respond to presentations ranging from short talks on personal topics to academic topics and debates, learning to construct effective introductions, main points and conclusions. Emphasis will be placed on elements of speech delivery, including effective verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication and differences
between cultural communication styles. In addition, this course focuses on vocabulary and pronunciation activities in the classroom and as homework assignments.
Prerequisites: Placement in ENG 111 or ENG101L.

Course Section Description

This is a 15 week online course with no set meeting times. Students will need their UCB email account to gain access to the course (via Brightspace https://learn.urbancollege.edu). Class access starts on the first day of the session. Students need a laptop or computer beginning on Day 1 of the course.