Reading and Writing Skills ESOL I (ENG097)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Description

This is a beginner-intermediate course designed to improve the communication skills of students who speak English as a Second or Other Language and to assist students with developing their reading, writing and vocabulary skills in academic English. Much of the content of this course will revolve around the themes of identity, culture and education. There will be regular intensive grammar exercises, reading and writing responses, one paragraph writing assignments and collaborative communication exercises. This course builds on skills taught in 096 and begins to teach /focus on Rhetoric; i.e.; word choice, text structure, and point of view. Purpose and persuasive arguments. This course does not fulfill the English requirement for a certificate or degree and cannot be used as an elective.

3 Credits
Prerequisite: Placement into this course is based on successful (C or higher) completion of ENG096 or initial layered intake and assessment. In addition, progression into ENG098 is determined by the attainment of the grade of “C” or higher.

Course Section Description

This is a 10 week Hybrid course - this course requires students to attend live online weekly course meetings via Microsoft Teams on a scheduled day and time. Students will also complete weekly activities using Brightspace ( Students can access Brightspace for course information on the first day of the session. Students need a laptop or computer, with webcam, beginning on Day 1 of the course. Students must attend at least one class or post attendance prior to the drop deadline to remain enrolled.