Teaching Music to Empower (HUM235)


Course Description

Who are you musically? What does your musical soundtrack say about you? How can that soundtrack help you to connect with others? By investigating what music is personally meaningful to us and discussing the ways we can make music meaningful to others, we will explore the ways music unites us and forms community. Music and the creative arts unite people of different backgrounds within a community. Discover your musical side and learn how to share and teach music to others as a means of connection.

Course Section Description

This is a 8 week online course (10/24/23 to 12/15/23) with no set meeting times. Students will need their UCB email account to gain access to the course (via Brightspace https://learn.urbancollege.edu). Class access starts on the first day of the session. Students need a laptop or computer beginning on Day 1 of the course.