Foundations In Community Advocacy (HUS203)


Course Description

This course presents a practice-based approach to community advocacy. Students will share tools and develop one another’s skills to serve as better advocates in their home, their workplace, their community, and beyond. Students will learn from one another, local advocates, and community-based organizations’ ongoing efforts and discuss their findings. This class will explore several areas of community advocacy, early childhood education, neighborhoods and health.

Note:  Student must be accepted into the Vital Village Community Advocacy and Leadership Program to enroll in this course.

Course Section Description

Contract Course: Community Advocacy & Leadership Program in collaboration with Vital Village, funded by Boston Children’s Hospital. Starts 9-5-2023 ends 12-15-2023. This is an 15-week Hybrid course with asynchronous work via Google Classroom and one online face-to-face meeting per week on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 9:00pm via Zoom.